About KFC

There is a lot about Kentucky Fried Chicken that many people don’t know. Kentucky Fried Chicken was created by one man over seventy years ago. That man is what we know a Colonel Sanders, but that man’s name is Harland Sanders.

The History of KFC:

Harland Sanders had a service station in Kentucky. He started cooking for passerby travelers that stopped at his station. He didn’t have a restaurant, but fed the travelers in his own kitchen that was connected to the service station. The dinners were called by Harland Sanders, “Sunday Dinner Seven Days a Week’.

Harland Sanders became popular in his small town of Corbin, Kentucky and the Governor make him a Kentucky Colonel in 1935 due to his contributions of the dinners he made. Colonel Sanders created a secret blend of spices and herbs for his famous Sunday chicken dinner. The first bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken debuted in 1957.  In 1965 Colonel Sanders had over six hundred KFC franchises across the United States and Canada. He sold his interest for two million dollars to investors.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is the most popular chain of chicken restaurants in the United States. Kentucky Fried Chicken is available in over one hundred countries. The Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation is based in Louisville, Kentucky. It is the only restaurant in America that has decades of success that still continues today.

Kentucky Fried Chicken offers many benefits to their employees. The employees are offered health insurance benefits, paid vacations and many more benefits. The hiring process is simple as the first step is filling out the easy KFC application. The KFC application can be filled out in the privacy of your home as you can access the KFC application on the Kentucky Fried Chicken website. It only takes a few minutes to fill out the application, then you are on your way to being a part of the most successful and popular chicken restaurant in the United States.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is known for giving back to the community with different programs, but they really help their employees with any education needs and wants. Kentucky Fried Chicken has awarded over ten million dollars in scholarships to students in need. This is a goal that has been handed down over many years to help those wanting to pursue their education.

There is so much more to Kentucky Fried Chicken than chicken in a bucket. Kentucky Fried Chicken started by a man who was already retired when he shared the secret recipe of his famous fried chicken, then it has escalated to be the best well-known and loved fast food chicken enterprise all over the world. The salary and benefits are extremely above what fast food restaurants offer. The benefits and salary are just a few reasons to join the team at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Colonel Sanders was just trying to feed hungry travelers along with make a few extra dollars and that was just the beginning of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The rest is history.

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