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KFC Application


Are you interested in a position at KFC? Well, there are two ways you can get started. The first is to visit your local Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant and ask for  the official KFC application form. Your second option is to go online to the Kentucky Fried Chicken website and fill out the application online.

If you want to fill out the KFC application in person, then its important to look presentable and make a good impression. You never know if the on-duty manager will want to interview you once you have filled out the application. Have a pen with you so you don’t have to ask for one. When you are prepared, then it also makes a good impression on you.

How to Start to fill out the KFC Application:

Fill out your application in clear and understandable handwriting. You want to write in print and not cursive handwriting. Take with you dates and phone numbers of all past employers. Start with the last employer first, then go down your list. Be honest with your past jobs and if you have any type of criminal record. If you lie and the company finds out later, then you will be automatically terminated. It is best to be honest if you have anything in your past. Add your personal references. Try to add professional references instead off all friends. This will look good for you when the manager is going through your application.

kfc application

Download the official KFC application by clicking here or the above image


To fill out the KFC application online, go to the Kentucky Fried Chicken website, and click on the career tab. This will take you to a page where you can choose the city and state where KFC is hiring. You can also choose to be a team leader or a manager position. Depending on your qualifications, choose the best career that you are qualified for. Once you get the application page up, then fill out every blank. It will take you through all necessary forms.

Before you hand your application to the manager or submit it online,  double check it to ensure that you have filled out every question correctly. You don’t want to have any blank areas on your application. If you haven’t worked in a while, then you can even explain the reason why. When you have done a double check of your application, then you are ready to hand it to the manager or submit it online.

That is how easy it is to fill out the KFC application. If you don’t get any calls within two week from submitting your application, then you can call the restaurant manager to inquire if they are still hiring and if they had a chance to look over your application. It looks good on you to do a follow up call as this shows the manager that you are interested in really working at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Being persistent will land you a job soon at Kentucky Fried Chicken.


KFC Interview Tips

Now that you have turned in your KFC application successfully and a manager has called you in for an interview. You want to be prepare for your interview. The first thing you want to remember is not to be stressed. The more you stress and worry about the interview, then there is more of a chance that it will be displayed in your interview. Helpful interview tips can bring a successful result with your interview.

KFC Interview Tips:

  1. Arrive on time or even a few minutes before your scheduled interview.
  2. Dress nice for your interview. First impressions only happen once and having a nice outfit on will make a good impression.
  3. If you have a lot of tattoos, then you may want to wear clothes that cover them up. Dress professionally. You don’t have to wear a suit, but clothes without holes.
  4. Go over what you want the manager to know about you before your interview. Remember the information you put on your KFC application so you can practice with family or friends. When you are prepared, then you won’t leave important facts about you out.
  5. Go to a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant before your interview. You can have lunch or dinner and look around the restaurant. This will get you familiar with Kentucky Fried Chicken, then if you have any questions about KFC you can ask at your interview.
  6. Visit the KFC website to familiarize yourself more about the company and the history of KFC.
  7. Ask questions during your interview. Asking questions when you are having your interview will let you know important information later. You can ask about wages, benefits, hours and what all KFC can offer you as an employee for the Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation.
  8. Be yourself. Display your personality to the manager. If you are an outgoing person, then let it shine. The manager will want to know some information about you, so don’t be shy.
  9. Thank the manager for the interview when the interview has ended. This will let the manager know that you are a courteous person and that you are interested in working for the company.

Once the interview has ended the manager may tell you immediately if you have been hired, but if not, then you can ask when you may hear something. If you don’t hear something within a few days, then don’t get discouraged as the manager may have more than one KFC application that need to be seen. Give the manager at least a week to call you, but after that you can call and ask if they are considering you for the position that you applied for. There could be openings later and the manager may just have to wait to hire you.

You can use these helpful KFC interview tips to get you through your interview. KFC is a good company to work for and being patient will eventually land you a job with them.



KFC Job Positions


Working at Kentucky Fried Chicken can be rewarding. You can get a part time job or full time job as both are offered there. Kentucky Fried Chicken is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer that offers job positions to all who are qualified.

What type of KFC job positions are available? You can start out by being a team member. There are different roles that a team member can perform. One role of a team member is being a cook.  You will be in charge of preparing the food that Kentucky Fried Chicken offers to their customers. There is more than one cook as one team member will cook the chicken and other cooks may cook the side items.

Another team member role at KFC is cashier. The cashier will take orders from customers at the drive-thru window and the counter. A janitorial team member will keep the restaurant clean. The janitor will not only keep the restaurant clean, but the parking lot, restrooms and the kitchen area.

Assistant manager is another position that you can consider. To be an assistant manager, then you must have manager skills or experience. You can fill out a KFC application to see if you have the qualifications needed to be an assistant manager at KFC. An assistant manager will oversee other employees on their shift, make decisions and be responsible for the restaurant when on duty.

Managers are always in demand and one of many job positions available at Kentucky Fried Chicken establishments. To be a manager, then you must submit the KFC application and highlight your qualifications. If you have a background in management, then you will be an excellent candidate to be a manager for Kentucky Fried Chicken.

There are many KFC job positions that one can acquire. Even if you have never had any past employment. Kentucky Fried Chicken is a great company to start off working at. You will experience in different areas that will help you in future jobs or prepare you to be a manager for KFC. Before you can get any job, then you need to take a few minutes and fill out a KFC application.

You can go to the KFC website and fill out an application there or you can go to your local Kentucky Fried Chicken establishment and fill out one there. When you have finished your application, then you can ask to speak with the hiring manager to see what job positions are available at their location. The hiring manager can even interview on the spot if they are needing employees. There are advantages of doing your application at the local KFC. You can find out if they are hiring, what they are hiring for and possibly get an interview the same day. Doing the online application allows you to do it in the comfort of your home. The online application tells you what openings are available and what city. You can call the KFC later to see if they looked at your application. No matter what you choose there are many job positions available at KFC.

KFC Job Requirements


Would you like to work at Kentucky Fried Chicken and was wondering what the KFC job requirements are? Kentucky Fried Chicken doesn’t require many requirements, but there are a few.


– You must be 15 or 16 years old. The age requirement depends on your state. Some states allow 15 year olds to work at the age of 15, but there are some states that require a student to obtain a student work pass at 15 years old. You can work at the age of 16 years old in any state at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

– Kentucky Fried Chicken require that you take pride in your appearance and look your best when you are employed for them.

–  It is a requirement that you fill out a KFC application. Every employee must fill out an application before they can be hired.

–  A quiz is given to future employees and is also a requirement to be hired. The quiz is just a problem solving quiz that reflects the type of skills that you as an individual have.

–  You must be a United States citizen or have an immigrant work permit that allows you to work in the United States.

–  A requirement to have employment at KFC includes having reliable transportation back and forth to work.

–  An individual must be available for the days and hours that the restaurant needs them to work.

–  Having a clean criminal record is required for employment at KFC. There are different guidelines with the criminal record and if you have one, then you can talk it over with the manager to see if you are eligible to work for Kentucky Fried Chicken.

–  Energetic and positive attitude is requirement to work at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Do you possess these requirements and want to work at Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation? If you do, then all you need to do is fill out the KFC application to begin the hiring process. The hiring process can be done online or at your local Kentucky Fried Chicken establishment.

The KFC application only takes a few minutes to fill out. There is also a quiz that is included with the application that you will have to take, but this should only take around twenty minutes. The quiz isn’t hard. It will just let Kentucky Fried Chicken know the different type of skills that you have.

When you have completed your application and quiz, then give it to the hiring manager or if you have done this process online, then you just submit it. The hiring manager will go over information that you have supplied and make sure that you have all the requirements needed to be an employee at Kentucky Fried Chicken. If you have met the requirements, then the hiring manager will contact you to have you come in for an interview. There are small steps that need to be taken and once they are completed you can be an employee for the Kentucky Fried Chicken Company.





KFC Salary Information


Most people think that Kentucky Fried Chicken offers the same salary that fast food restaurants offers, but you may be surprised on how much salary an individual can earn when they work for Kentucky Fried Chicken. The salary is very competitive and the benefits that you can receive is better than what most people think.

Team Member Salary:

A team member salary at Kentucky Fried Chicken can start around minimum wage. Each state has a set minimum wage set. The average minimum wage is close to nine dollars an hour. Once you have been working for Kentucky Fried Chicken you will get annual raises. These raises can range from ten cents to twenty-five cents an hour. A team member can include the counter, cashier and janitorial positions. The cook team member salary can be more each hour. A cook can make up to a dollar more an hour that the other team members do.

A shift manager salary can range. It can start around ten dollars an hour depending on the state they work in and the experience the shift manager has. An assistant manager can make up to two dollars more an hour than the shift manager. A co-manager at Kentucky Fried Chicken salary can be even more than the assistant manager. The manager of a Kentucky Fried Chicken can earn from fifteen dollars an hour to over twenty dollars an hour. You must remember the state you live in has a lot to do with the type of money you make each hour.

Kentucky Fried Chicken not only offers competitive wages, but great benefit to their employees. Employees has the opportunity to get health insurance, purchase stocks and much more. You also get a great discount on food purchases at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Does the salary surprise you on what an employee at Kentucky Fried Chicken can earn? If you would like to be a part of the Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation, then you can fill out a KFC application. The more experience you have in the position you would like hired for, then the more chance you have to be hired. Filling out the KFC application only takes a few minutes and you can be on your way to making a good salary at a good and respected company that has been around for decades.

Kentucky Fried Chicken shouldn’t be put in the same category as ‘fast food’. You do get your food fast, but you do have healthier options and a family environment with Kentucky Fried Chicken. The salary and benefits that Kentucky Fried Chicken offers is much more appealing than other restaurants. There are many reasons to choose KFC for employment, but the salary increase is an added incentive to work there. The KFC application doesn’t take long to fill out and you can do it in the comfort of your home by going to the KFC website. Before you know it you will be hired and making an outstanding salary by working at KFC.

KFC Job Benefits


Kentucky Fried Chicken offer their employees many excellent benefits. The employee benefits are available for all employees and not just full time employees like most companies require. What type of benefits can you receive if you work at Kentucky Fried Chicken? Once you find out all the job benefits that Kentucky Fried Chicken offers you will want to fill out a KFC application.

Job Benefits:

Health insurance are offered to qualified employees of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The type of health insurance that is offered to employees includes medical and dental insurance. Vision and eye care is also offered to qualified employees. Kentucky Fried Chicken also discounts on gym memberships and fitness facilities in the area where an employee who is qualified works. Kentucky Fried Chicken offers a spending account to their qualified employees to put so much out of their check into an account that allows the employee to have a savings in case a medical emergency has happened. Qualified employees are also offered disability and accidental insurance.

Retirement Benefits:

Retirement benefits are offered to qualified employees of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Kentucky Fried Chicken is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands Incorporated and this brings added advantages for qualified employees to take advantage of 401(k) programs. Kentucky Fried Chicken even matches retirement plans for their employees.

Tuition Benefits:

Kentucky Fried Chicken offers qualified employees the tuition benefits. There are tuition reimbursement programs that a qualified employee can take advantage of to continue their education and still work for Kentucky Fried Chicken. The company will work around the student’s schedule and set the employee up for tuition reimbursement program.

Assistance Benefits:

Employee assistance programs are available and offered to qualified employees of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The assistance can be for medical, college or even personal bills that an employee is struggling to pay.

Stock Benefits:

Stock purchases are one of many benefits that are given to qualified employees at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Employees are able to purchase KFC stocks at a discounted price. There are also group legal plans that are an added benefit for qualified employees.

Added Benefits:

Some of the added benefits for qualified Kentucky Fried Chicken employees included discounts on food that is at the restaurant. You also get one free meal on your shift. Paid vacation is offered along with holiday pay. For holiday pay, if you work the holiday, then you get time and a half at most KFC locations. Sick leave is also available for employees. If you happen to get sick, then you may be eligible to be paid for your time off. Child care programs are available for qualified employees through Kentucky Fried Chicken. This is an excellent benefit for parents with young children.

With so many benefits that Kentucky Fried Chicken offers many individuals are wondering how to be a part of their team. To join the Kentucky Fried Chicken family, then fill out a KFC application. You can get a KFC application at your local KFC location or you can fill one out online. There are many amazing benefits that come to qualified employees at KFC.

About KFC

There is a lot about Kentucky Fried Chicken that many people don’t know. Kentucky Fried Chicken was created by one man over seventy years ago. That man is what we know a Colonel Sanders, but that man’s name is Harland Sanders.

The History of KFC:

Harland Sanders had a service station in Kentucky. He started cooking for passerby travelers that stopped at his station. He didn’t have a restaurant, but fed the travelers in his own kitchen that was connected to the service station. The dinners were called by Harland Sanders, “Sunday Dinner Seven Days a Week’.

Harland Sanders became popular in his small town of Corbin, Kentucky and the Governor make him a Kentucky Colonel in 1935 due to his contributions of the dinners he made. Colonel Sanders created a secret blend of spices and herbs for his famous Sunday chicken dinner. The first bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken debuted in 1957.  In 1965 Colonel Sanders had over six hundred KFC franchises across the United States and Canada. He sold his interest for two million dollars to investors.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is the most popular chain of chicken restaurants in the United States. Kentucky Fried Chicken is available in over one hundred countries. The Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation is based in Louisville, Kentucky. It is the only restaurant in America that has decades of success that still continues today.

Kentucky Fried Chicken offers many benefits to their employees. The employees are offered health insurance benefits, paid vacations and many more benefits. The hiring process is simple as the first step is filling out the easy KFC application. The KFC application can be filled out in the privacy of your home as you can access the KFC application on the Kentucky Fried Chicken website. It only takes a few minutes to fill out the application, then you are on your way to being a part of the most successful and popular chicken restaurant in the United States.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is known for giving back to the community with different programs, but they really help their employees with any education needs and wants. Kentucky Fried Chicken has awarded over ten million dollars in scholarships to students in need. This is a goal that has been handed down over many years to help those wanting to pursue their education.

There is so much more to Kentucky Fried Chicken than chicken in a bucket. Kentucky Fried Chicken started by a man who was already retired when he shared the secret recipe of his famous fried chicken, then it has escalated to be the best well-known and loved fast food chicken enterprise all over the world. The salary and benefits are extremely above what fast food restaurants offer. The benefits and salary are just a few reasons to join the team at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Colonel Sanders was just trying to feed hungry travelers along with make a few extra dollars and that was just the beginning of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The rest is history.