KFC Job Benefits


Kentucky Fried Chicken offer their employees many excellent benefits. The employee benefits are available for all employees and not just full time employees like most companies require. What type of benefits can you receive if you work at Kentucky Fried Chicken? Once you find out all the job benefits that Kentucky Fried Chicken offers you will want to fill out a KFC application.

Job Benefits:

Health insurance are offered to qualified employees of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The type of health insurance that is offered to employees includes medical and dental insurance. Vision and eye care is also offered to qualified employees. Kentucky Fried Chicken also discounts on gym memberships and fitness facilities in the area where an employee who is qualified works. Kentucky Fried Chicken offers a spending account to their qualified employees to put so much out of their check into an account that allows the employee to have a savings in case a medical emergency has happened. Qualified employees are also offered disability and accidental insurance.

Retirement Benefits:

Retirement benefits are offered to qualified employees of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Kentucky Fried Chicken is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands Incorporated and this brings added advantages for qualified employees to take advantage of 401(k) programs. Kentucky Fried Chicken even matches retirement plans for their employees.

Tuition Benefits:

Kentucky Fried Chicken offers qualified employees the tuition benefits. There are tuition reimbursement programs that a qualified employee can take advantage of to continue their education and still work for Kentucky Fried Chicken. The company will work around the student’s schedule and set the employee up for tuition reimbursement program.

Assistance Benefits:

Employee assistance programs are available and offered to qualified employees of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The assistance can be for medical, college or even personal bills that an employee is struggling to pay.

Stock Benefits:

Stock purchases are one of many benefits that are given to qualified employees at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Employees are able to purchase KFC stocks at a discounted price. There are also group legal plans that are an added benefit for qualified employees.

Added Benefits:

Some of the added benefits for qualified Kentucky Fried Chicken employees included discounts on food that is at the restaurant. You also get one free meal on your shift. Paid vacation is offered along with holiday pay. For holiday pay, if you work the holiday, then you get time and a half at most KFC locations. Sick leave is also available for employees. If you happen to get sick, then you may be eligible to be paid for your time off. Child care programs are available for qualified employees through Kentucky Fried Chicken. This is an excellent benefit for parents with young children.

With so many benefits that Kentucky Fried Chicken offers many individuals are wondering how to be a part of their team. To join the Kentucky Fried Chicken family, then fill out a KFC application. You can get a KFC application at your local KFC location or you can fill one out online. There are many amazing benefits that come to qualified employees at KFC.

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