KFC Salary Information


Most people think that Kentucky Fried Chicken offers the same salary that fast food restaurants offers, but you may be surprised on how much salary an individual can earn when they work for Kentucky Fried Chicken. The salary is very competitive and the benefits that you can receive is better than what most people think.

Team Member Salary:

A team member salary at Kentucky Fried Chicken can start around minimum wage. Each state has a set minimum wage set. The average minimum wage is close to nine dollars an hour. Once you have been working for Kentucky Fried Chicken you will get annual raises. These raises can range from ten cents to twenty-five cents an hour. A team member can include the counter, cashier and janitorial positions. The cook team member salary can be more each hour. A cook can make up to a dollar more an hour that the other team members do.

A shift manager salary can range. It can start around ten dollars an hour depending on the state they work in and the experience the shift manager has. An assistant manager can make up to two dollars more an hour than the shift manager. A co-manager at Kentucky Fried Chicken salary can be even more than the assistant manager. The manager of a Kentucky Fried Chicken can earn from fifteen dollars an hour to over twenty dollars an hour. You must remember the state you live in has a lot to do with the type of money you make each hour.

Kentucky Fried Chicken not only offers competitive wages, but great benefit to their employees. Employees has the opportunity to get health insurance, purchase stocks and much more. You also get a great discount on food purchases at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Does the salary surprise you on what an employee at Kentucky Fried Chicken can earn? If you would like to be a part of the Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation, then you can fill out a KFC application. The more experience you have in the position you would like hired for, then the more chance you have to be hired. Filling out the KFC application only takes a few minutes and you can be on your way to making a good salary at a good and respected company that has been around for decades.

Kentucky Fried Chicken shouldn’t be put in the same category as ‘fast food’. You do get your food fast, but you do have healthier options and a family environment with Kentucky Fried Chicken. The salary and benefits that Kentucky Fried Chicken offers is much more appealing than other restaurants. There are many reasons to choose KFC for employment, but the salary increase is an added incentive to work there. The KFC application doesn’t take long to fill out and you can do it in the comfort of your home by going to the KFC website. Before you know it you will be hired and making an outstanding salary by working at KFC.

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