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KFC Application


Are you interested in a position at KFC? Well, there are two ways you can get started. The first is to visit your local Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant and ask for  the official KFC application form. Your second option is to go online to the Kentucky Fried Chicken website and fill out the application online.

If you want to fill out the KFC application in person, then its important to look presentable and make a good impression. You never know if the on-duty manager will want to interview you once you have filled out the application. Have a pen with you so you don’t have to ask for one. When you are prepared, then it also makes a good impression on you.

How to Start to fill out the KFC Application:

Fill out your application in clear and understandable handwriting. You want to write in print and not cursive handwriting. Take with you dates and phone numbers of all past employers. Start with the last employer first, then go down your list. Be honest with your past jobs and if you have any type of criminal record. If you lie and the company finds out later, then you will be automatically terminated. It is best to be honest if you have anything in your past. Add your personal references. Try to add professional references instead off all friends. This will look good for you when the manager is going through your application.

kfc application

Download the official KFC application by clicking here or the above image


To fill out the KFC application online, go to the Kentucky Fried Chicken website, and click on the career tab. This will take you to a page where you can choose the city and state where KFC is hiring. You can also choose to be a team leader or a manager position. Depending on your qualifications, choose the best career that you are qualified for. Once you get the application page up, then fill out every blank. It will take you through all necessary forms.

Before you hand your application to the manager or submit it online,  double check it to ensure that you have filled out every question correctly. You don’t want to have any blank areas on your application. If you haven’t worked in a while, then you can even explain the reason why. When you have done a double check of your application, then you are ready to hand it to the manager or submit it online.

That is how easy it is to fill out the KFC application. If you don’t get any calls within two week from submitting your application, then you can call the restaurant manager to inquire if they are still hiring and if they had a chance to look over your application. It looks good on you to do a follow up call as this shows the manager that you are interested in really working at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Being persistent will land you a job soon at Kentucky Fried Chicken.